QuickBooks Integration

Unless you solely run your business through QuickBooks, you probably find that a lot of time is wasted doing dual data entry. Perhaps you make sales online or enter them via a CRM application and then have to re-enter that same information into QuickBooks. Wouldn't it be great if you could have that data automatically inserted into QuickBooks for you? Thus saving you time and avoiding the inevitable data entry errors? Speak with Infinite Acuity today about integrating your applications with QuickBooks to save you time and costly errors.

How does the process work?

Almost everyone has their own way of running their QuickBooks. As such, Infinite Acuity will take the time to fully understand how you use QuickBooks and make recommendations to help streamline your integration process and make data entry worries a thing of the past. Infinite Acuity will do the following:

  1. Gain an understanding of how your busines works and the different applications you use.

  2. Discuss with you the options available for integration.

  3. Provide a time/cost estimate for the integration using our proven project methodology and highly-skilled development team.

Whether you want to integrate QuickBooks with your ecommerce website, CRM application or a custom application, Infinite Acuity has the answers and expertise needed to ensure your integration goes smoothly.

QuickBooks/Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration Case Study

Infinite Acuity has recently worked QuickBooks Enterprise integration project with a major ticket brokerage firm. The client had a major disconnect between their MSSQL POS (point-of-sale) database and QuickBooks Enterprise. At the end of each day the client would have to manually insert customer, vendor and sales information from transactions that took place in their POS. This cost them hundreds of hours of productivity and required manual reconciliation to ensure the data was entered correct. In addition, the client's recordkeeping within QuickBooks was not fully GAAP-compliant.

Once built, the application allowed for the seamless, automated transfer of customer and sales data on a real-time and end-of-day batch process from the POS system into QuickBooks Enterprise. Furthermore, the application encompasses vendors and purchase order information to allow the client to now track their inventory and expenses via QuickBooks integration. All of this based on data already contained within their POS. Thus effectively removing the need for manual data entry and saving them hundreds of hours in productivity.

Infinite Acuity had to discern the many sales processes of the client, including regular sales, special purchase orders, consignment sales and more to create a truly flexible application that could handle the multitude of data coming from the POS system. Let Infinite Acuity help you overcome your integration hurdle today!

QuickBooks/Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Integration Case Study

QuickBooks software integration Infinite Acuity worked hand-in-hand with their parent company to create a custom middleware application used to export information from their internal accounting software (Quickbooks) directly into their online, web-based CRM system.

MVI had a need to be able to synchronize certain portions of their QuickBooks system with their online CRM system. In response to that need, Infinite Acuity developed a special Visual Basic application that sits on the same computer that QuickBooks is on. When the application is run, it presents the user with the ability to select a data transmission date range. Once a date range is selected, a synchronization triggering button is pushed which causes the program to start dumping QuickBooks data from those dates using a proprietary text file format. The application is able to retrieve the QuickBooks data using a special ODBC driver. Once all of the data has been exported, it is then uploaded to their online CRM system via HTTP upload. At that point, a script on the CRM system parses the data and loads it into its database.

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